Despite campaigns like #RegardTheCard, many customers are still not asking for evidence of gas engineer competency. Mark Krull, Director at Logic4training, explains what engineers can do to help raise the importance of gas safety with the general public.

More than a million jobs every year are carried out by illegal gas fitters, according to Gas Safe Register. They aren’t properly qualified, they’re not registered with the Register, and their work puts millions of people at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, explosions, and fires. 

Part of the problem is that customers, unaware of the importance of the Gas Safe Register, are letting gas engineers into their homes without checking their credentials. Adding fuel to the fire, only around half of gas installers show their Gas Safe card without being asked, according to a survey of 210 gas engineers Logic4training ran recently. 

But gas engineers have the power to turn this situation around. Using your Gas Safe card in a proactive way will benefit your business and your customers – it keeps consumers safe from the dangers of unsafe gas work, it demonstrates that you are properly trained and can legally and safely work on gas appliances, and it’s a valuable marketing tool, building trust and credibility in your business.

Here are Logic4training’s tips on how to use your Gas Safe registration to its full potential:

Show your Gas Safe card

Get into the habit of showing your Gas Safe card to customers as soon as you meet them.  Whether customers know about the Gas Safe Register or not, they will appreciate this simple gesture, which can lead onto further discussions about your qualifications and gas safety in general if necessary.  Around 37% of installers only show their Gas Safe card when asked, according to our survey. If this was improved it would greatly increase awareness. 

Keep it visible

Get a card holder and a lanyard or key ring to store your Gas Safe card. This way, it will be visible while you are working and accessible, enabling you to produce it on demand. 

Be a Gas Safety advocate

Gas engineers meet and interact with consumers at their homes and businesses every day, making them the ideal advocates for gas safety. 

The three basic messages for customers to take away are:

  • Gas Safe registration is a legal requirement
  • They should always ask to see a Gas Safe card
  • They should familiarise themselves with the information on the card.

A brief explanation of engineer’s details, security hologram on the front of the card, and the qualifications on the back of the card will show your customer that their safety is important to you, and that they should only contract engineers who are on the register, like you. Customers can check the register on the Gas Safe Register website. 

Show off your professionalism

Are you using the Gas Safe Register logo everywhere you should?

From social media to email footers, vans to press releases, all your business-related materials should feature the Gas Safe trademark. You should be proud of your professionalism and skills – make sure you show them off. 

Be on the ball

Stay up to date with the latest goings-on in the industry, training, and legislation updates and events. Gas Safety Week and industry campaigns, such as Trust the Triangle, offer a great marketing opportunity.

Pledge your support on social media, create a blog post on your website or, if you’re feeling creative, write an opinion piece for a local newspaper or magazine. It’s all about getting your name out there, associated with Gas Safe Register, and making lots of local connections. 

As our recent survey suggests, there is still work to be done towards educating the general public about the gas safety message and gas engineers have a unique opportunity.

If it is used proactively, the Gas Safe card is a catalyst for discussion, fostering understanding among consumers. We can all do more to promote the gas safety message, so get on board and champion the cause.