Viessmann has today been named as a Best Buy gas boiler brand by Which?, the UK’s largest consumer organisation.

This assessment is the result of a survey conducted earlier this year which questioned 9,610 boiler owners and 219 Which? Trusted Traders heating engineers throughout the UK. The survey sought the views and experiences of consumers who actually own the boilers and obtained from engineers an in-depth picture of build-quality, availability of parts and spares, ease of repairing and servicing, and how likely they are to recommend a boiler from each brand.

The survey found “there is a huge difference in reliability, customer satisfaction and what engineers make of the best and worst boiler brands.” It concluded that buying a boiler on price alone is likely to be a false economy because customers could save £233 over six years by opting for the most reliable brand over the least.

Which? magazine advises: “The top three boiler brands in our survey do tend to cost a few hundred pounds more than the least reliable ones. We do think the extra cost is worth it though - particularly when you consider that the cost of a boiler tends to be only a small part of the overall installation cost.”

As one of only two gas boiler manufacturers to be recommended in this way, Viessmann is praised as “the most reliable” of all brands and “well-liked by owners and respected by the professionals too.”

Viessmann achieved a score of five stars for brand reliability and customer satisfaction, and four stars for build quality. Viessmann’s overall brand score - based on reliability, customers’ scores, and engineers’ views - is 84%, bettered by only one of the 11 brands surveyed.