Vaillant has launched Green iQ; a label that distinguishes well-engineered products that are both sustainable and connected for the future.

The result of a two-year strategic investment project, Green iQ is Vaillant's answer to the growing demand for energy efficient heating solutions that are supported by clear sustainability and performance credentials.

Steve Keeton, technologies and marketing director at Vaillant, said: "Vaillant is committed to investing in the latest in sustainable technology. The focus on green products is therefore a decisive part of our ongoing sustainability strategy. We demand that our products are green from start to finish."

Any Vaillant product carrying the Green iQ mark has a guarantee that they are not only extremely energy efficient and deliver eco-friendly heat generation, but are also fully equipped to take advantage of app-based heating controls and smartphone technology.

In essence, the Green iQ products merge sustainable technology solutions with connected thinking to create future-proofed domestic heating products that are green, intelligent and networked.

To qualify for the Green iQ mark, a Vaillant product must display optimal efficiency levels, a high degree of recyclability, lowest running costs, socially responsible production and proven build quality. It must also incorporate smart connectivity solutions such as user-friendly operation, Wi-Fi capability, a free customer app, a universal interface for system expansion, as well as intuitive and clear operation.

Being launched under the Green iQ badge is the ecoTEC exclusive range of boilers, which offer a 12% increase in efficiency when in domestic hot water mode, based on its ability to reduce flue gas temperatures to less than 30-degrees through a re-engineered heat exchanger.

Energy efficiency is further enhanced through the Green iQ ecoTEC exclusive's wide modulation mode, achieving up to 1:10 modulation, which effectively provides heating and hot water from drastically reduced energy consumption.

The Green iQ ecoTEC exclusive range offers a 27kW system model featuring a built in diverter valve to improve comfort levels, hot water reheat time and ease of installation. Also launching are 35kW and 43kW combination boilers with a host of technically advanced features capable of handling much larger properties.

Online connectivity is provided through Vaillant's VSMART smart control, which offers the homeowner total control of their heating and hot water system via their mobile devices.

The range also comes with a Quiet Mark award, indicating to homeowners that these are among the quietest boilers on the market. In addition, 85% of the product is recyclable – demonstrating Vaillant's commitment to whole lifecycle product sustainability.

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