An underfloor heating manifold forms part of a range from a UK water technology and solutions company.

Watts Industries UK supplies this as part of its Underfloor heating range across the UK with the product being a market leader in domestic and small commercial applications.

“Our Underfloor heating (UFH) manifold has been the ‘go to’ product for almost three decades and installers trust this, above others, as it simply does exactly what it is designed for, giving confidence to installers, specifiers and end users,” said Dave Raynor Product Manager Watts Industries UK. “Its familiar design is a real favourite and we are proud to say that the product has withstood the test of time in its fundamental design.”

Whilst the exterior appearance and overall feel of the product has always been maintained for consistency there has been a continuous improvement in the product features to ensure that the manifolds engineering complements our actuation and balancing technology, enabling Watts Industries to maintain and develop its market position.

“This manifold provides the ultimate control situation for users and ensures such systems are efficient and perform without issue,” said Dave. “Our product ranges are made to work in harmony with each other and this UFH system is no exception, providing easy installation and commissioning with reliable performance.”

The manifold remains a key component in a UFH system which is fast becoming the heating system of choice over traditional radiator systems. Compatible with all sources of energy, including renewables such as Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps, the product will continue to fulfil the demands of the market, both consumer and commercially, in the future.

Dave concluded; “We realise the importance of developing new products and technologies and indeed, pioneer this across many of our product sectors. For example, the addition of the MH balancing valve which ensures all circuits remain equally balanced in operation, is again a practical and simple to install solution which perfectly complements the range.”