Effective from 1 July 2018, Peter Westwood will succeed Rob Shuttleworth as Chief Executive of UKLPG, the trade association for the LPG industry.

Peter’s energy career began in 1992 when he joined Total in Aberdeen. Initially focusing on organisation design, he soon transferred to the commercial arena, negotiating contracts including gas sales, natural gas processing and joint venture agreements.

Years later, given the opportunity to start up a central heating business for E.ON, Peter could not resist the challenge. This decision shaped the next 14 years of his career as he went on to develop two other energy related companies, most recently Insite Energy, a specialist heat network metering business.

Peter said: “UKLPG has achieved considerable success in building awareness of the many benefits of LPG to the government, end users and stakeholders. I am delighted to be asked to bring my experience to continue to build on these successes and take the organisation to the next level in response to the government’s Clean Growth Strategy. Along with the fantastic UKLPG team in Kenilworth, I look forward to representing the membership going forward.”