Since their introduction to the UK’s construction industry over 20 years ago, MS Polymer sealant and adhesive solutions have been welcomed by installers. A market traditionally dominated by silicones, acrylics, and solvented grab adhesives, the popularity of MS Polymers can be attributed in part to their ability to combine many of the characteristics of traditional sealants and adhesives into one single versatile solution.

MS Polymers possess the flexibility and UV stability of silicones, the paintability of acrylics, and the durability of polysulphides, as well as many of the properties commonly found in high quality ‘grab’ adhesives.

There are also unique advantages that come from using MS Polymers. With non-staining properties that are ideal for sealing natural stone joints, such as marble or granite kitchen work tops, the products also offer excellent adhesion. In fact, MS Polymers can be used directly on wet or dry surfaces, including most plastics, tiles, wood stone, and many more – and can even bond and cure underwater. These advantages, with the combined attributes from other sealants, make MS Polymers excellent multi-use products that are perfect for snagging jobs.

In addition, MS Polymers boast environmentally-friendly credentials. As solvent-free solutions that are both non-hazardous and odour free, these products will not attack synthetic materials after application, unlike solvent alternatives. However, not all MS Polymer solutions are created equal, with variations between each product’s specific environment and safety credentials. Therefore, it is always advisable to check the product’s associated EMICODE and ISEGA classifications for clarification. This offers guidance on the product’s emission characteristics and suitability for use in food preparation environments.

As the country continues to bounce back from the pandemic, it is crucial that installers are able to complete jobs quickly and efficiently, while also ensuring all work is carried out to the highest possible standard to avoid call-backs. Such instances are not only a waste of their valuable time and resources, affecting profitability levels, but they can even harm an installer’s reputation.

Research from the Association of British Insurers has found that £1.8m is paid out every day in the UK to settle claims relating to the escape of water. While this does not exclusively relate to sealant failures, it is a common bathroom or kitchen fault that unquestionably impacts the figure. Therefore, it is essential for the modern tradesperson to select elite sealant products, such as high quality silicones or MS Polymers, which can act as an effective all-rounder that is guaranteed to perform for the job at hand, preventing the risk of sealant failure later on.

Geocel’s THE WORKS PRO, for example, is an advanced multi-use construction sealant and adhesive which becomes tack free in an hour and is ISEGA certified. Due to its ability to seal, fill, and bond with excellent adhesion, it is practical for use on all types of jobs.

MS Polymers continue to rival traditional sealant types, reflected in their popularity with installers which continues to grow. Combining desirable qualities from all traditional sealant types, MS Polymers have been formulated to provide the ultimate versatile solution, whether your next project is a complete refurbishment, a new build or simply an ‘odd job’.