Craig Cundey discusses different training mechanics and outlines why he feels face-to-face training still plays a key role within the industry.

The variety of training available to heating and plumbing professionals has increased considerably over recent years.

The industry is ever evolving and with regular legislative changes and new product updates it is vital that those working on the ground make training a priority. 

Training not only helps an installer to progress but it also ensures they are complying with regulations and delivering a safe and efficient service to their customers.

Many manufacturers now offer customers bespoke training enabling them to work closely with the likes of councils, housing associations, installers and housing contractors to ensure a product is fully supported with a comprehensive training programme.

As with many aspects of our lives, training delivery has also moved online and, for some people, this method provides the ideal solution as it can be accessed from virtually anywhere as long as you have a suitable connection. 

For installers, time is money and downing tools for a day to attend a training course is not always an appealing or viable option. Instead, online training allows them to study in the evening or at the weekends when they have some spare time rather than taking them off the road.

However, while online training has its advantages, in the first instance face-to-face training delivers the best results. Not only does it allow the people being trained the opportunity to get hands on with the products but it also facilitates discussion and the chance to ask questions and learn from others. 

It also enables the trainer to adapt the training to suit the ability and levels of the individuals involved, rather than a one size fits all approach that can often be found with online training.

From experience, the most impactful face-to-face training incorporates a mix of different elements, reflecting the group’s expectations, such as presentations, documentation and practicals.

Once a person is comfortable with a product or solution, then an online training session is a useful tool for reinforcing or refreshing what was learnt in a face-to-face training session.

Craig Cundey is national training manager for RedringXpelair