John Gittens, Business Development Director at Maincor, explains why radiator manifold systems are a great alternative for providing individual room control with a traditional radiator system

Typically, radiators are controlled by thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), which are often less efficient and ultimately less reliable than electronic room thermostats and programmable thermostats. TRVs create a microclimate around the radiator.

Using a manifold radiator connection, the radiator is ‘called’ on or off by the thermostat, which electronically opens or closes the manifold actuators. Manifold connection allows every room to have its own preset thermostat, delivering the comfort required. It also means that in rooms where you might want it warmer or colder at different times of the day, you can use a programmable thermostat.

The manifold system is equally effective when used with radiators or with a combination of radiators and underfloor heating.

When using a radiator manifold system with multiple thermostats, there is the option of using either radio or wired thermostats, in conjunctions with thermal actuators and a wiring centre to offer accurate temperature control over the heating system.

Maincor’s smart Neo air temperature control system also means that, with a manifold system, you can communicate remotely with the building and alter the climate, room by room if required.

Using a manifold system has the added benefit of allowing for individual isolation of radiators in the event of a problem. Every single radiator in the building has its own circuit of pipework, only connected at the manifold and the radiator. In the event of a leak, or if maintenance is required, that radiator can be turned off at the manifold and the rest of the building heating system left operational.

Why use radiator manifold systems?

  • Improved comfort levels thanks to better temperature control

  • More efficient use of energy which reduces costs

  • No joints within the building fabric, so the chance of leaks is greatly reduced

  • Less joints also means quicker installation

  • Easy radiator isolation

With some forward planning on system and piping layout, a radiator manifold system is an excellent choice for new radiator installations.

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