The European Water Label, the voluntary labelling scheme for water-consuming products in the bathroom and kitchen, has been shortlisted in the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards.

The Guardian’s annual awards cover the social and environmental impacts of business, and three other contenders were shortlisted in the water category, introduced this year.

The award in this category will recognise an organisation that can demonstrate its commitment to water sustainability through projects, technologies, designs or policies that improve water availability, access or quality.

Yvonne Orgill, managing director of the Water Label Company, said she was absolutely delighted to have been shortlisted.

“The European Water Labelling Scheme continues to grow, as its reputation grows. It is penetrating deeper into Europe and has now encompassed a total of 11, 462 products from 100 brands in 34 countries,” she explained. “We started the scheme from nothing and look where it is now! We are thrilled to bits to have been chosen by The Guardian newspaper for this year’s new water category.”

A panel of 29 judges - all individuals who challenge, support and inspire businesses to be more sustainable - will choose a winner in each category. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in London on 26 May 2016.

More about the European Water Labelling Scheme

The European Water Label Scheme gives both the consumer and the industry professional all the necessary water usage characteristics of bathroom and kitchen products. The water consumption for each product can be seen at a glance and the information provided can be used to aid the choice of bathroom and kitchen components. Its database of premium bathroom and kitchen branded products has grown to such a size that it has become the most dominant product-labelling scheme of its type.

The scheme is entirely voluntary and can react quickly to adapt to changes both in the market place and in bathroom technology. And to give it greater strength and sustainability it is now partnered by eight National Trade Associations across Europe.

Maintaining integrity has always been a key feature of the labelling scheme and its annual audit of products listed in the online database proceeded as usual in 2015. A selection of 275 products were independently tested by four European test laboratories. Checks were also made to ensure published marketing material and websites were using the label correctly, and obsolete products were regularly cleared from the listings.

The Scheme is an undeniable success, is recognised by Government, is low cost, maintains choice, and does exactly what it is designed to do - inform and educate.