Top apprentices from across the UK have been selected to represent the country at the EuroSkills final in Budapest in September.

Team UK is comprised of 22 apprentices, skilled in a broad spectrum of disciplines from engineering and construction, to digital and creative.

Matthew Barton of Kendal College in Lancaster, who is employed by WE Barton, will be representing the UK in plumbing and heating.

The EuroSkills Finals, which includes teams from across Europe, is the last before the UK is scheduled to leave the EU next year.

Dr Neil Bentley, CEO of WorldSkills UK, which selects and trains Team UK, said: “This will be a life-enhancing opportunity for these remarkable young people. After Brexit, our economic success as a nation will be dependent on our ability to close major trade deals and attract inward investment – and this will always hinge on demonstrating we have people with the right skills.

“Team UK is the embodiment not only of the kinds of traits and characteristics that we should aspire for in a young workforce, but for the UK government’s ambitions for a global Britain too. They are leaders of their generation – and will inspire many more to walk in their footsteps.”