Eco heating technology brand Daikin has announced a free training programme to help installers tap into the emerging hybrid heat pump market. The course will help installers to take their first step into the renewable heating market with hybrid heat pumps.

Using up to 75% renewable energy, Daikin’s heat pump solutions can help homeowners to increase energy savings and reduce their carbon footprint. Unlike traditional boiler solutions, hybrid heat pumps combine a gas boiler and heat pump together and are powered by renewable energy extracted from the air. As such, hybrid heat pump systems offer an attractive solution for both installers and homeowners who want to go green, combining the power of a heat pump with the familiarity of a boiler.

In practice, hybrid heat solutions can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 55%, compared to a traditional gas boiler, and have been proven to deliver up to a 50% reduction in energy bills across homes in the UK. As a result, hybrid heat solutions offer a viable path for homeowners who want to transition to low carbon heating sources. For installers, hybrid heat pumps also offer a significant business opportunity. To this end, there’s potential for the market to soon rival the number of combi boilers installed in the UK, as hybrid heat pump solutions are well-suited to smaller homes in urban areas where the shell of the building is not energy-efficient enough to be heated by a fully renewable system.

In response to this growing demand, leading low carbon heating manufacturer Daikin has launched a free training programme to provide the skills and knowledge needed for installers to take advantage of this trend. The free training will be offered via 11 of the company’s Sustainable Home Centres, which are spread out across the UK. Installers who complete the full-day course will leave with the skills needed to handle the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of hybrid heat pump solutions.

To support the launch of this training and drive homeowner demand for hybrid heat pump solutions, Daikin has also introduced a special promotion offering a brand new, high efficiency boiler for free with every purchase of its Altherma hybrid system. When combined with the vital skills imparted through the training, the offer can help installers to drive the adoption of more sustainable hybrid heat pump solutions within the UK. In turn, the move could help to engender a new era of low carbon heating solutions.

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