Talon has been manufacturing plumbing fixtures and accessories for over 35 years, making the company no stranger to issues that can occur during an install. 

One that kept popping up was the difficulty of attaching a pipe clip to a newbuild joist. 

The obvious choice is to use a nail-in clip, something Talon is proud to manufacture, but unless you can contort yourself like an octopus or hang upside-down like a bat, you will have limited space when hammering in the pipe clip. This can be unsafe and cost both time and money.

With this in mind, Talon worked closely with a product inventor to create the EZ Joist Clip. It’s simple, using the front ledge, you can attach the EZ Joist Clip from the side, nail/screw it in, push the pipe into the clip, close it until you hear ‘click’, and job done, time to move on to the next one. 

It really is as EZ as that, no twisting, turning, or balancing on a ladder while using a hammer in a sideways fashion.

To order your FREE SAMPLE and to find out more, go to: www.talon.co.uk/ez-joist-clip.

Step-by-step guide