Skin care specialist Swarfega is once again on the hunt for the 'toughest trade' out there.

Throughout February, Swarfega is challenging trades to post a picture of them or their colleagues battling their toughest task on their Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag #ToughestTrade and a short reason why their trade should win 2020’s accolade.

Using its 'Tough-O-Meter', Swarfega will judge each picture and choose the one showing the toughest task. The top five will be narrowed down and the winner will then be put to a social media vote. The crowning tradesperson will receive £200 in Amazon vouchers and the trade that the winner represents will be crowned Swarfega’s new Toughest Trade for 2020. Four runners-up will also receive a £50 Amazon voucher.

The first 10 people to post their toughest task picture will receive TOUGH by Swarfega Gift Packs, so Swarfega encourages you to get moving quick and post your images on the social media channels below: