A recent survey has found that smart thermostats are the smart home product Brits most want to own in 2020.

Sellhousefast.uk surveyed 1,462 UK households to discover the smart home products they planned to purchase this year.

The company found that a smart thermostat is the smart home product of choice for 71% of respondents. Thereafter, 66% want to fit a smart doorbell in 2020.

It also seems home security is a high priority for homeowners this year, with 60% expressing a strong desire to install smart cameras around their property, while 57% aim to have smart locks.

At the other end, a smart oven/hob is the smart home product Brits least intend to buy, with only 17% wanting the appliance in their kitchen this year.

Additionally, Sellhousefast.uk sought to find out the methods households would use to get advice/recommendations on smart home products.

From this, Sellhousefast.uk found that Brits are most likely to use an online search engine (48%) like Google to get more information on a smart home device/appliance they are interested in.

Subsequently, 43% would opt to directly contact a smart home technology manufacturer. Moreover, 39% feel their family/friends will give them good advice/recommendations on smart home products.

Robby Du Toit, Managing Director at Sellhousefast.uk, commented: “The rise of smart home technology over the last few years has been nothing short of extraordinary. With multiple smart home devices/appliances now available on the market, there is now greater choice than ever before.

"As Brits awareness and understanding of different smart home products gradually improves, the overall adoption rate for the technology will only increase. Especially if the products continue to be innovative and make everyday home tasks/responsibilities quicker as well as easier."