Uponor has completed work on a plumbing and heating system upgrade for the prestigious Strand Palace in London as part of the hotel’s recent refurbishment. 

Running parallel to the River Thames and connecting Westminster to the City, The Strand is not only an iconic street in London but also houses Strand Palace. Originally built in 1907 and steeped in history, Strand Palace contains original art-deco interiors that are so iconic that parts of the hotel are now owned by the V&A Museum. 

With this in mind, when the landmark hotel required a full upgrade of its plumbing and heating system during a renovation which began in 2017 and is expected to finish in 2020, it was essential that the products selected posed no risk of leaking in order to minimise the risk of damage to the building and its valuable contents. It was also crucial that the work could be undertaken with minimum disruption to guests and allow the hotel to remain open during the upgrades. 

Taking this into consideration, Working Environments, the M&E contractor for the project, specified Uponor’s multi-layer composite pipe (MLCP) throughout the hotel for all plumbing and heating piping requirements. Available in runs of up to 500m, Uponor says its MLCP requires fewer fittings than a traditional system, removing the possibility of leaks and improving the integrity of the system. 

Uniting the advantages of both metal and plastic pipe, MLCP has been designed to contain five layers which are permanently bonded together by intermediate adhesive layers, using a special welding technique for high reliability. The result is a pipe which is oxygen diffusion tight, corrosion-resistant, and has a heat expansion similar to metal pipes, further safeguarding the hotel against any potential leaks. 

Another feature of the system is its aluminium core which, as well as preventing oxygen ingress and reducing heat expansion, gives form stability for easy and safe installation, according to the manufacturer. This means that the pipes could be bent manually during installation, rather than using elbow joints, removing the need for additional fittings – a potential source of leaks. 

Uponor says the lack of fittings also significantly reduced installation time, meaning the project could be completed quickly, on time, and on budget. Installation time was reduced further due to the MLCP being pre-insulated, so the contractors did not need to lag the pipe work following the installation.  

Mark Harry, Site Manager at Working Environments, said: “We have a long-standing relationship with Uponor and have always been impressed with not only the performance of the products but the level of service provided by the team. When we came to specify for the Strand Palace hotel, we knew Uponor’s MLCP system would provide the ideal solution. Not only would it ensure long term protection for the hotel, but would also be quick and easy to install.

“Before we carried out any work, Uponor visited the site and discussed options with us. Uponor also provided full on-site training and a practical demonstration with our team, truly demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing great levels of service.”

Commenting on the installation, Danny Barker, Territory Sales Manager at Uponor, said: “Uponor’s MLCP provides a clear set of USPs and was a perfect choice for the Strand Palace hotel project. The team at Uponor worked in collaboration with Working Environments to ensure all parties involved were comfortable with the system prior to installation, meaning the project was able to be completed quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the hotel. 

“As a result, the hotel now has a superior plumbing solution installed, which it will continue to benefit from for many years. We look forward to working together with Working Environments on future projects.”