Stelrad has been offering its best-selling Compact K3 radiator range for several years, but the increase in demand for K3’s has seen Stelrad launch new versions of its popular Elite, Compact with Style, and Planar series.

These are available immediately from stock and are available via local merchants from 1 November 2020. Each of the new ranges are available in 40 sizes, from Stelrad’s National Distribution Centre.

“We are always keen to build the selection of radiator models, sizes, and shapes we supply from stock and these latest additions are key to ensure that we can supply the needs of installers and specifiers who are increasingly looking to install ground and air source heat pumps as the drivers of heating systems up and down the country, “ said Stelrad’s Head of Marketing, Chris Harvey.

“As we head towards 2025 and the government’s stipulated deadline for installing fossil fuel driven heating systems in new build properties, we will see the numbers of renewable heating systems increase and demand for these bigger radiators or in the K3’s case, higher capacity radiators but on a similar sized radiator footprint to a K2, heading up  – and we need to be in a position to meet that demand. This latest introduction starts the process of providing the bigger radiators now so that we are ahead of the game as the demand continues to escalate for K3 options.”

A K3 radiator is simply a radiator which comes with three sets of panels and three sets of fins to ensure additional heat is emitted from a radiator only a little larger than a K2. The K3 is a suitable choice for low energy systems, providing high heat output from a smaller footprint.

The convectors are precision welded directly onto the waterways for greater efficiency and economy, with flexible connection options for the highest of commercial and domestic application specifications. As a measure of the all-round dependable quality and performance, the new Stelrad K3 models come with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The ranges available offer outputs from 1,287-5,682W (4,391-19,388 BTU/hr) at a working pressure up to 10 bar.