Spirotech recently held a training workshop at its UK headquarters, the fourth in a series of sessions designed to educate heating engineers on the importance of deaeration.

Following the success of the first event, which took place in September 2016, the workshop was open to any installer who had expressed interest via Twitter. The 20 places filled up instantly, leaving organisers with a waiting list of more than 50 installers for the next session.

Damon Steele, an installer who attended the first event and has since taken a primary role in organising the subsequent sessions, said: “Before the training, I had been fitting Spirotech units but I didn’t have a full understanding as to why. As an installer, the sessions have been invaluable in teaching us about new products and techniques that will help us do our jobs to the best of our ability.”

The morning of the workshop was dedicated to presentations delivered by some of Spirotech’s most experienced engineers and sales personnel on the various aspects of air removal, including busting the common myth that an AAV and deaerator perform the same job. After a lunch break, the installers were divided into three groups to observe live demonstrations of Spirotech’s deaeration products in action, using specially-designed demo units.

Damon continued: “In the year since the first event, Spirotech’s profile has risen massively within the industry. Now, plumbers are asking specifically for Spirotech when they enter a merchants, and that’s got a lot to do with these training sessions. Deaeration is gradually being recognised as the key to managing system health.”

The workshops gave Spirotech valuable insight into the way installers feel about the current state of the market and, in particular, the company’s product offerings.

Rob Jacques, National Key Accounts and Technical Sales Manager at Spirotech, said: “The main advantage of events like this is the direct feedback from an experience group of leading engineers. We want to use these kinds of workshops to stay in touch with our customer base and facilitate a two-way stream of information that benefits both us and them.

“The sessions act as a forum for installers to voice their opinions, which allows us as a manufacturer to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. We are then able to analyse the feedback internally to ensure what we offer is both relevant and effective.”

The full list of 2018 training dates will be published early this year. For more information or to sign up for an upcoming training session, please direct message @SpirotechUK or @SteeleDamon on Twitter, or alternatively email office_uk@spirotech.com.