Further enhancing the established Ultimate system, the Ultimate2 board consists of XPS insulation. This improves output, while the 2-3 mm deep diffuser channel surrounding the multi-directional runs increases screed contact with the pipe, thus cutting the warm-up time. The overall installed depth of just 27mm leaves plenty of room for tiles to be laid on top without the need to trim doors or skirting in retrofit situations. 

The upper surface is pre-primed so the RS Flex leveling screed can be directly applied to achieve a strong bond; while the pre-glued lower surface – with peel-off backing – ensures the panel can be rapidly installed across the subfloor without the need to apply additional adhesive. 

Together these features mean Ultimate2 is 50% faster to install than its predecessor and 35% cheaper overall than screeded systems featuring castellated plates. 

OMNIE’s multi-directional pipe pattern reduces the need for routing by the installer, as well as eliminating the requirement for separate straight and loop-shaped panels.  In addition the 300kPa compressive strength greatly reduces movement and will support timber, vinyl and other finishes as well as tiles.