The MCS Administrator has removed seven Solar Assisted Heat Pumps (SAHP), certified by SZU and manufactured by Energy Panel S.L from its approved list of products.

This means that an installer will not be able to register the installation of these products on the MCS database or create an MCS Certificate for their customer at present as the product was wrongly certified.  

The products were removed as the methodologies employed to certify the products were not compliant with the requirements of "MCS 007 Product Certification Scheme Requirements: Heat Pumps".

The manufacturer and certification body are currently working together to rectify the issue and aim to reinstate the product listing on the MCS Installation Database as soon as possible. 

While this is not a common occurrence, as the standards for compliance are clearly set out by the MCS Administrator, installers are urged to check that products are approved and available on the database prior to each installation -

The products currently removed from the approved list are the following Energy Panel S.L. Thermoboil models:

  • TB 75E (SZU0005-01)
  • TB 100E (SZU0005-02)
  • TB 110E (SZU0005-03)
  • TB 180E (SZU0005-04)
  • TB 200E (SZU0005-05)
  • TB 250E (SZU0005-06)
  • TB 300E (SZU0005-07)

If you have any concerns relating to the installation of these products, please contact MCS at