Honeywell has unveiled an upgrade that enables its entry level 'single zone' connected thermostat to cater for two heating zones.

It provides a stepping stone between single thermostat homes and larger ones served by multi-zoned options like Honeywell’s ‘evohome’, making it ideal for medium-sized households, the company says.

The upgrade will be particularly relevant for installers and contractors working in newbuild properties, where UK building regulations require homes of 150m2 or more to have a minimum of two heating zones.

The thermostat can be controlled manually or remotely using the Honeywell 'Total Connect Comfort' app via a smartphone or tablet. With the addition of another zone valve, a single zone system can be turned into an S Plan Plus system, with no need for an additional gateway.

The single zone product remains compatible with the ‘evohome’, offering installers the ability to offer tech-shy homeowners a basic zoning system that can be upgraded to a multi-zoned system.

Andy Mansfield, marketing communications manager at Honeywell, said: “Zoning is an effective way to reduce both energy use and fuel bills, meaning that it should be a priority for installers and their customers.”