Designed to be easy to use, the new ‘Simple’ range of controls includes the C1727, H3747, and Radbot 1 thermostatic radiator valve (TRV).

The C1727 is a smart programmer with receiver (up to two channels) and the H3747 is a smart programmer with receiver (up to four channels). Both models feature easy and intuitive daily or seven day scheduling.

The units are able to connect to smartphones without the use of Wi-Fi, or a Wi-Fi adaptor can be purchased to allow users to control their heating from anywhere.

They are Boiler Plus compliant, come with a 12 year battery life warranty, and can be retrofitted on many existing controls. The C1727 also qualifies as Smart Thermostat under the Energy Company Obligation and its ECO innovations status attracts a 25% uplift on the standard smart thermostat ECO scores.

Radbot 1 is an intelligent TRV designed to instantly increase the efficiency of existing heating systems, and reduce the cost of heating homes. Installing Radbot 1 on all radiators in a home can reduce heating costs by up to 30%, the company says.

The smart device, which can be easily fitted in minutes to traditional radiators throughout the home, uses a self-learning algorithm that continually monitors the home environment, predicting and adjusting heating to occupancy patterns. Put simply, if no one is in the room, Radbot 1 detects this and automatically lowers the temperature, saving users time and money.

The device operates without an internet connection, so there’s no need for a home wireless internet link, to use a smartphone app, or to remember passwords for an account.

Radbot 1 is an accredited energy saving product so it can be specified and receive funding under a range of government schemes such as the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), as well as contributing to improving a home’s Energy Performance Certification (EPC) rating.

Matt Sheen, the co-creator of Radbot 1 and Application Manager at Secure UK, said: “All of Radbot’s game-changing complexity is absorbed into the device’s self-learning algorithm, which means all the easy to access benefits are passed on in one neat box – simply screw it in and turn it on.”

All products in the range have a seven year, no quibble warranty.