New research from bathroom supplier Sanctuary Bathrooms has revealed what consumers are searching for most when it comes to new bathroom designs.  

After analysing Google search data on bathroom features, Sanctuary have created an image of what the UK’s most searched for bathroom looks like (above image). 

The most searched for colour of toilet is black, with 880 average monthly searches, while it’s freestanding copper baths that are the most searched for tub designs.

The most popular options for all bathroom features are: 


The trends when it came to floors, walls and tiles reflected a move to more contemplative and deeper colours, away from the white and lighter shades that have dominated in recent years: 

  • Flooring: Grey, herringbone, patterned tiles – 22,370 average monthly searches 
  • Wall: Grey bathroom tiles – 8,100 average monthly searches 
  • Window: Small, frosted glass window – 580 average monthly searches 
  • Curtains: Blue and white net bathroom curtains – 1,230 average monthly searches 
  • Light: LED, pendant ceiling light – 23,000 average monthly searches 


Sanitaryware again shows a progression towards the darker end of the spectrum: 

  • Toilet: Black, back to wall, close-coupled toilet – 14,080 average monthly searches 
  • Toilet seat: Square, wooden, soft close toilet seat – 18,700 average monthly searches 
  • Sink: Black, double sink with mixer taps – 12,100 average monthly searches 
  • Bath: Copper, freestanding, L-shaped, roll-top tub with mixer taps – 35,640 average monthly searches 
  • Shower: Electric, single shower enclosure – 57,200 average monthly searches 

Bathroom accessories

Bathroom accessories show traditional options are still popular, but that chrome finishes are still dominant when it comes to the small touches in bathrooms. 

  • Sink cabinets: Mirrored, wooden sink cabinet – 35,700 average monthly searches 
  • General cabinet: Tall, freestanding, white corner cabinet – 24,200 average monthly searches
  • Shower Curtain: grey, extra-long shower curtain – 36,900 average monthly searches 
  • Bathmat: Wooden, non-slip, grey bathmat – 8,400 average monthly searches 
  • Toilet roll holder: Chrome, freestanding toiler roll holder – 11,000 average monthly searches 
  • Toilet brush: Black, ceramic toilet brush – 1,440 average monthly searches 
  • Towel Rail: Chrome, heated, double towel rail – 20,140 average monthly searches 

James Roberts, Chief Executive of Sanctuary Bathrooms, said: “Monitoring demands and trends from UK consumers is incredibly important to our business’s success. 

“What potential customers search for allows us to be prepared for what people want. This data has highlighted some interesting finds for us. The freestanding bath continues to be a popular choice, after rising as a trend a few years ago. There also seems to be a substantial lean towards separate shower and bath enclosures in this research. 

“New colour trends are also interesting to note, with consumers seemingly captured by darker tones, with greys and blacks both present in our findings.”