Electrical Safety First has created a ‘House of Horrors’ video demonstrating the risks we take around the home, as part of a wider safety campaign.

With over 80 million domestic accidents each year – many of them leading to serious injury and property damage – Electrical Safety First has launched the campaign to highlight every day risks.

The Charity’s research has discovered that Saturday at 6:30pm is the most dangerous time to be at home, when there are four accidents every second.

Working with property expert, Phil Spencer, Electrical Safety First is raising awareness of the risks people take in the home, sometimes with devastating consequences, and encouraging people to use registered and qualified tradespeople to undertake domestic repairs and remodelling.

The research by Electrical Safety First identified the kitchen as the most dangerous room in a house, but noted that accidents can happen anywhere - from hair straightener burns in the bedroom, to drilling through wire in a hallway. The research also details the increasing number of unnecessary risks people take, such as overloading sockets and fixing appliances that are still plugged in. Electricity causes 70 deaths annually and 350,000 serious injuries. In the last year, it’s estimated that house fires caused almost £1 billion worth of damage.

“This campaign highlights how everyday behaviour can put us at risk – and shows why it’s so important to use registered tradesmen for gas, electrics and plumbing, to keep your home in good shape”, explains Phil Buckle, director General of Electrical Safety First.