Since the launch of the first model in 1994, the Digistat range has become a firm favourite among installers and homeowners alike. Not only does this best seller offer ease of use and reliability, it is also incredibly easy for installers to fit. Now more than 25 years later, the new generation Digistat brings intuitive and smart efficiency-improving technology to the iconic heating control, combining installer familiarity with ultimate user convenience.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the new Digistat is its Bluetooth connectivity. A heating control with Bluetooth connection is a great option for customers who may be looking for the convenience of altering their heating schedule on an app, like a smart control, but don’t necessarily need or want the ability to adjust their heating schedule when they’re out of the house.

As a Bluetooth connection is only short-range, an app-operated heating control featuring this type of technology would only be connected to the system when within range of the thermostat when they are at home. For many homeowners, this level of control would likely be more than enough while still offering the level of convenience they’re after when it comes to managing the schedule easily.

The new Digistat from Drayton achieves exactly this and is the first hybrid universal thermostat on the market. The Bluetooth connectivity offers in-home control of the thermostat via Drayton’s popular Wiser Home app, but also provides the option to adjust the settings manually on the thermostat itself if desired.

In addition, control from the Wiser Home app allows users to access a number of smart modes, typically associated with smart controls, to enhance energy efficiency. For example, the energy-saving Away Mode and Delayed Start offer reductions in energy use of up to 24% and 10% respectively. Meanwhile for extra convenience, Boost mode allows users to temporarily increase the desired temperature for a short period without having to adjust the schedule, while Timed Away Mode is ideal for pausing the schedule for longer periods of time, allowing users to set a start and end time and date, similar to a Holiday Mode function. 

However, it’s not just homeowners that can benefit from the Bluetooth connectivity advantages that the new Digistat brings, it also makes installation and handover that much easier for installers.

With the new Digistat, the installer can select from one of the pre-set schedules for their customers, after which the customer has the option to either tailor the settings via the thermostat or they can be directed to download the app where it’s even easier to create a schedule suited to their daily routine. The Wiser Home app is simple to navigate, so installers should experience fewer call-backs from customers unsure how to adjust their settings.

This flexible nature of Bluetooth connected products means that installers are able to offer a solution that meets the needs of any customer; whether they be a tech-savvy family looking to upgrade their system or an older customer who is simply after a control that they can simply set and forget about.

Drayton’s new Digistat  

  • Familiar Digistat features and operation
  • Universal programming: 7 day, 5/2 day, 24 hour, or simple room thermostat
  • Optimised settings for gas, heat pump, and oil
  • Receiver fits on industry-standard wallplate
  • Thermostat and receiver pair automatically on power up
  • Optional Service Interval feature
  • OpenTherm-ready.

Installers can learn all about the new Digistat on Drayton’s recently enhanced online training academy, 90 Know How. This new four-part course tells installers everything they need to know about the new Digistat, from a general overview of the four variants in the range, through to installation tips and tricks as well as how to help users master the app.

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