Resideo, maker of Honeywell Home branded products, has announced that it will phase out its CM900 programmable room thermostat and Y6630D1007 analogue thermostat from 1 January 2019.

Additionally, the company recommends the use of its modern, digital alternatives, such as the Honeywell Home T4, Y87RF, and the DT92E room thermostats.

Andy Mansfield, Marketing Communications Manager for Resideo, said: “At Resideo, we are always looking to the future of heating controls, and are continuously developing our product offering to reflect the changes in industry demand.

“Not only do the T4, Y87RF, and DT92E offer all the same capabilities as the CM900 and Y6630D1007 range, but the additional features and modern aesthetic offers installers more opportunity, and in turn, provides the homeowner with the ultimate in modern technology and comfort.”