Renewables specialist Rexel UK has welcomed proposals from the new energy secretary, Amber Rudd, to implement a ‘solar revolution’ across the country.

Amber Rudd, who was previously the climate change minister, has affirmed a key goal in her new role to see more households to install solar technology. With only around 640,000 homes currently having solar panels installed in the UK, she has positioned herself as a resounded advocate for the solar industry and energy efficiency as a whole, also stating that she will help to further encourage the benefits of switching energy tariffs and would like to improve home insulation.

Jerry Hamilton, business development director of renewables & energy solutions at Rexel UK, said: “The new energy secretary’s announcement is great news for the industry, with many arguing that not enough is currently being done to promote the rooftop solar market. As the green agenda becomes more prevalent and the fuel poverty issue escalates – the reality is that solar PV offers a key solution in terms of helping reducing our national carbon footprint while reducing energy cost for all.

“A household can expect to make thousands of pounds in profit by installing solar panels, with payback periods of around seven to eight years. However, although more and more consumers are beginning to appreciate the cost benefits that are associated with solar PV, many aren’t aware of how easy it is to install and reap the rewards of the technology, or where to even begin.

“To give homeowners and installers a comprehensive and transparent service and reaffirming their confidence in solar PV, last year we launched the Energeasy Solar online service, which simplifies the process of finding an installer, ultimately building trust and confidence.

“The service allows consumers and installers to accurately calculate the generation potential of a solar PV installation as well as expected revenue schemes from Government schemes, such as the Feed-in-Tariff or the Northern Ireland Energy Obligation Certificate.

“This all ensures installers can be prepared for the job - creating an opportunity for additional revenue streams and providing potential customers with the information that they need from a third party source.”