Direct Plumbing Supplies was started during the first lockdown in 2020, and since then it has gone from strength to strength.

Owner Daniel Howells is a heating engineer himself and was concerned about the future when each job he had booked in started cancelling in quick succession. With carpal tunnel in both hands a new career was always on the cards, but COVID-19 helped make the decision to make the change and swap positions at the counter, and Direct Plumbing Supplies was born.

Howells' aim from day one was always to give the best prices around, and he has worked tirelessly with suppliers to knock down their prices and pass the savings directly onto you.

Direct Plumbing Supplies has expanded rapidly from working out of Howells' half-finished extension back in 2020, to today, where he has a substantial unit filled to the brim with everything a plumber or gas engineer could ever need; he has even recently supplied to professional football clubs and film studios.

Howells has always stayed true to his original idea of passing on the savings directly to his customers as he was fed up himself with being ripped off by other merchants and knows how important it is in this day and age to make more profit from each job.

Direct Plumbing Supplies has recently invested in a new website which rivals all the bigger merchants out there and is designed to be easier to search for the products you need and makes the whole experience easier. However, if you prefer the more personal approach, you can always email your orders through to Howells and his team at and they will be happy to help, or give them a call on 01903 683684.

Over the past two years, Direct Plumbing Supplies has grown at a phenomenal rate as Howells continues to constantly bring in new product lines and suppliers onboard. You will find everything you need for a job on the website. but if there is something you use that they don’t stock, get in touch and they will be happy to see what they can do.

With a low minimum order of £100 to get free delivery, they really do cater for everyone from one-man bands to huge companies.

Direct Plumbing Supplies offers fantastic value on your fittings and consumables. They offer amazing bulk pricing discounts for you to stock up and make massive savings and in return you make more profit and with the current climate you need to be aware of the cost implications on your business.

So, why not have a look at their website today or if you're local pop into their amazing unit and say hi, and see how much you can save on your materials, because now is the time, more than ever, you need to shop around and see how much you can save. With Direct Plumbing Supplies you will be able to save on quite a few products, meaning more profit in your pocket.

To save an extra 5% on your order over £150 use code DPSVIRGIN on

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