The fully upgraded entry-level Economy+ range now complements and can be integrated with the existing Signature range. Economy+ radiators will retail from £249.60 including VAT and delivery to UK mainland.  For orders of 21 or more, prices start at £199.68 including VAT.

The electric radiators, offered in a variety of sizes, are a quick and efficient way to heat a room, the company says. Filled with high-grade silica sand and arriving as fully sealed units, they can be simply fixed to a wall with the supplied brackets and plugged into a standard electrical socket. They have in-built smart electronics making them energy efficient and LOT 20 compliant.

For the first time, Economy+ radiators will now connect to the sophisticated Radiwarm control systems (that are purchased separately), as the water-filled Signature radiators already are, so the two ranges can be mixed and matched and controlled from the same device.

The RadiWarm 7-day Controller consists of a programmable thermostat and timer, whereby each radiator can be connected by radio frequency (RF) link to the same control unit in the home from where they can be zoned and programmed with different settings for each day of the week and for each zone, if needed. Additional functions include boosts, overrides, and the ability to see the heating status of each zone at a glance – the current vs target temperature. 

For maximum economy and control customers might prefer the alternative Wi-fi control system – RadiWarm’s Smart Controller. Using a gateway that plugs into an existing Wi-fi router, the heating programmes can be managed from a web-based app on smartphone or tablet.
The Economy+ electric radiator is suitable for most domestic settings, including holiday accommodation like lodges and caravan holiday homes – additional load bearing discs can be purchased for thinner walls. They can be installed in offices, hotels and public buildings too. Although the Economy+ cannot currently be used in bathrooms, the Signature range is IP44 rated for washroom settings – another reason the mix-and-match option is so useful.

Conservatory owners will note the 390mm-height radiator, designed to conveniently fit dwarf walls. Available in two lengths (972mm and 1,134mm), it retails from £360 including VAT.  Additionally, there is a new narrow upright version (486mm wide x 1,700mm high), suitable for a kitchen, for example, with little spare wall space. Indeed, the entire Economy+ electric radiator range is ideal for many tight spaces with its slim shell, according to the company.

All sizes are offered in anthracite grey or white.