RF Solutions has launched MULTILINK, a solution specifically designed to save installers time and money on cable when switching an output from multiple locations; perfect for installing underfloor heating, the company says.

When installers are required to switch on an output from multiple locations, this often requires fitting a number of expensive cable runs. MULTILINK eliminates this problem, replacing ‘switched live’ cables with a radio link solution. Part of the best-selling MAINSLINK series, MULTILINK allows remote switching of an output from up to 10 locations. MULTILINK is powered by a 110 or 230VAC MAINS supply. Operating on a frequency of 868MHz, a transmitter unit can switch a receiver’s output from up to 3km line of sight away, and from up to 500m away in buildings.

When installing an underfloor heating system for example, an installer is required to switch on a boiler from several different manifolds; requiring different cable runs to the boiler. Using a MULTILINK, you can connect a receiver to the boiler, with transmitter units set up at each manifold. When there is a demand for heat from one of your manifolds, your transmitters will transmit an RF signal to the receiver unit, driving on the boiler.