Swedish manufacturer Purus has launched the Purusline side exit gully.

Purus, Swedish manufacturer of drainage and plumbing products for wetrooms, has launched the Purusline side exit gully.

The new drain is convenient when drainage is required horizontally from the gully. The side exit gully allows for easier installation as it ensures that no extra pipe work is required in order to connect the gully to the drainage outlet.

The new Purusline side exit gully is 104mm in height and can easily disperse up to 48 litres of water per minute. 

The drain has been developed to meet modern design, function and safety requirements and contains an odour trap as standard. This has been included to ensure that bad air will not come through the drain, even if it is dry. 

Purus floor drains have been designed to meet the exacting requirements for design, functionality and safety in compliance with the British Board of Agrément.