Severn Trent Water is the first water supply company in the UK to have all its Water Fittings Regulations Technicians (water inspectors) become Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE) members.

CIPHE operations manager Danny Davis and national president Kevin McCallister were invited to the Head Office of Severn Trent Water in Coventry on 26 January, to present the CIPHE membership certificates.

Ian Mitchell, fittings & regulations manager of Severn Trent Water, said it was an important decision to have all Severn Trent water inspectors be members of the Institute.

"Members of the CIPHE have recognised qualifications," said Mr Mitchell. "With all the water supply companies signing up to WaterSafe and being in partnership with CIPHE, it makes sense for our inspectors to join the professional body for the industry."

Mr Davis added: "The Institute is committed to raising standards. We are delighted that Severn Trent Water has taken the step of enrolling its water inspectors as members. We hope to work with other organisations to promote professionalism wherever we can."