Kamco has released a video intended for heating engineers and plumbers who are unfamiliar with power flushing a central heating system, to give them an insight into the basic procedures.

Heating engineers are taken through the various stages detailed in section 5.3 of BS7593, the code of practice for treatment of water in domestic hot water central heating systems. Section 5.3 states that for heavily fouled systems, power flushing is the recommended cleaning method.

The video explains initial setup of the pump, including connection of hoses, followed by advice on pre-flushing procedures, and converting vented systems into sealed systems for the duration of the flush.

Details are given on various ways of connecting the power flushing pump into heating systems, including using the CP2 pump head adapter for the most efficient way of flushing both heat exchangers of a combination boiler.

The choice of flushing chemical is discussed followed by a step-by-step guide through the a power flush, testing after the flush, addition of corrosion inhibitor, and restoration to normal operation.

The video will enable engineers to use their Clearflow pumps effectively, but if they’d like to learn more, Kamco run regular power flushing training sessions at their St Albans academy – an investment in time that will pay dividends in future.