Redring talks to HVP about the products it has developed to combat the amount of water and energy wasted waiting for water to heat up

In the developing world, we waste 18 billion litres of water every day waiting for it to get hot, according to estimated figures from Redring Xpelair Group (RXG). In turn, this works out at around 300,000 terajoules of energy being wasted as the water is conveyed through the system.

Understandably, when bathing or washing, no one is going to make do with cold water, so RXG has developed a range of new products to deal with this problem.

“Our ambition is to provide instant hot water when it’s needed, where it’s needed and how it’s needed,” explained Steve Holton, strategic marketing director for Redring.

There are numerous ways in which RXG is looking to achieve this point-of-use electric water heating.

Plug-in Mixer Tap

Redring has created a Plug-in Mixer Tap, offering a simple, effective and efficient solution to an everyday need.

It is a mixer tap that, as the name suggests, can plug into any domestic UK plug socket or fused spur, providing instant hot water for hand washing wherever it is needed.

The tap has been designed to replace an existing mixer tap with the advantage that it requires only a cold-water feed and heats the water at point of use, eliminating the need for a hot water supply or storage.

It works by passing cold water over an element to be heated, with the amount of heating controlled by the speed of the water flow. The heating element is contained within the tap body and only works when the flow is turned on, so there is no wasted water as you are only heating exactly what is used – no filling of pipes or tanks.

Not limited to water supplies driven through a fixed pipe within a property such as a kitchen, bathroom or utility, the tap will also work with a hose pipe or, subject to the correct plumbing fittings being installed, attached to a water-filled barrel, highlighting its versatility.

Mr Holton said: “At Redring Xpelair we are always looking for new ways of thinking and different approaches to solutions that we take for granted. The new Plug-in Mixer Tap will form part of a range of similar products that demonstrate how a simple solution can be used to provide hot water quickly and easily to many people without current access.”

Hand-wash units

Redring’s instant hand wash units also provide a simple method of introducing hot water into a sink with only a cold water supply.

Instant hand wash units can be used to introduce hot water into both commercial and domestic environments, such as second bathrooms and sinks in garages or extensions. They are highly efficient as they remove the need for standing hot water and subsequently eliminate heat losses. 

The company has two new solutions, the I3V manual hand wash and the AV3 automatic hand wash, which it says are easy to use and install, more compact and represent even better value for money than its predecessors. 

By introducing its Vortex Technology, which alters the water flow, scale build-up has been virtually eliminated. This in turn delivers reduced maintenance and enhanced product durability. The Vortex Technology also optimises the spray pattern, which minimises water use. 

The hand wash units are wall mountable and their compact dimensions offer a small footprint, making them suitable for rooms with limited space. With a choice of heat settings, users can select the temperature to suit their level of comfort. 

The 3kw power ensures a good flow and fast heat-up rates of the water, which in heavy traffic areas will reduce waiting time between washes. The clip-on spray head is vandal-proof as it cannot be unscrewed and removed, while the tamper-proof stainless steel arm is corrosion resistant and durable.

The hygienic, no-touch automatic version is operated by infra-red, making it highly suitable for applications where cross contamination is of concern such as food preparation or medical environments.

Installing the Redring instant hand wash units is simple thanks to keyhole and horizontal slots for easy alignment. The units have been designed to ensure flexibility of siting with three cable fixing options and three water connection options.


The company has also introduced a new range of beverage water boilers to further strengthen its range of water boiling products.

The new Sensaboil range is suitable for commercial applications where regular access to instant hot water for hot drinks is required. The tank is manufactured in catering grade stainless steel, which offers a number of benefits above other materials, including corrosion resistance, durability and strength, as well as avoiding taste or taint issues.

The Sensaboil’s easy to use patented chrome tap offers both constant and controllable flow.

Customers can choose from a range of sizes and exterior finishes to suit their needs – 3, 5 or 7.5 litres and a white or stainless steel finish. Wall mounted, the Sensaboil is capable of delivering 206 cups of boiling water per hour, while its 3kw element ensures rapid heat up time. This significantly reduces waiting time when compared with boiling a kettle.

Research carried out by the brand found that seven in 10 office workers spend more than 10 minutes a day boiling the kettle, with 7% admitting to spending over an hour each day making hot drinks for themselves and their colleagues. Calculated over a year, this is a significant amount of time of inactivity. An instantaneous beverage water boiler provides a much more efficient solution, ensuring facilities are available for employees to have access to hot drinks but eliminating the need to wait.

The unit features a constant preset water heating temperature of 98°c, to ensure a consistent temperature level every time the water is heated, which is the perfect temperature for making tea and coffee, says the company.

The Sensaboil is switched on and off using the advanced technology of a touch display, which clearly shows when the unit is on. The display also aids maintenance and ensures that the upkeep of the unit remains easy, using a warning LED to highlight when descaling is required.

The Sensaboil is further protected by boil dry thermal cut out, so the unit cannot keep boiling when it is empty.