A new Apprenticeship Board has been created to help ensure compliance with new apprenticeship standards in England.

Government is currently in the process of reviewing the assessment plan and the Board will take on this responsibility once final approval is received.

Suitably experienced and qualified employers from the plumbing and domestic heating industry were asked to apply for a Board position in December 2016, with the review and selection process, which was administered by the Association of Plunbing & Heating Contractors (APHC) and the Chartered Institute of Plumbing & Heating Engineering (CIPHE), concluding in January this year.

The Board is made up of six employers including Paul Hull, managing director, The Industria Group; Jeffrey Lee, national apprentices manager, Mitie Technical Facilities Management; Nigel Davies, operations manager heating services, Certas Energy UK Ltd; Gerald Mack, owner and senior engineer, Electrical & Heating Maintenance Services; David Merrett, managing director, Merretts Heating Services Ltd; and Edward Padgett, director, Arthur Padgett Ltd.

The Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Board has been set-up to be responsible for ensuring industry compliance with approved quality assurance processes, following the development of an apprenticeship standard and assessment plan for the Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship for England.

The newly assembled Board, which is administered by APHC and CIPHE, has commenced its role in continuing the development of the assessment plan which covers the apprentices' underpinning knowledge and skills, applied knowledge and applied practical skills and their general bahaviour and attitude. Additionally, the Board will ensure that the assessment specification is robust enough and that the correct equipment and procedures are being utilised by training providers.

Graeme Dryden, APHC's technical services manager, has been involved in developing the apprenticeship standard since the project's inception in 2014. He commented: "The Plumbing and Domestic Heating Technician Apprenticeship Board will now play a key role in continuing the work of the previous Employer Group and, working in conjunction with BPEC, City & Guilds, EAL, Baxi Heating, JTL, Leicester College and NAPT, will ensure the apprenticeships are able to deliver the key skills required while also helping safeguard the long-term development of the plumbing and heating industry.

"We are pleased with the caliber of the Board, all of whom have experience in employing and training apprentices and have a genuine interest and commitment to the plumbing and heating industry."