Despite widespread concerns around the arrival of ErP and how it will impact the industry, new research from Bristan has revealed that UK plumbers are full of positivity about the new legislation.

According to a survey among Bristan Connect installers, three quarters (67%) said they welcome the arrival of ErP stating that it is vital if the UK is to achieve its 2020 carbon reduction targets.

When asked what word most appropriately summed up their feelings around ErP, half said positive, while a quarter felt excited, and, in contrast, just a quarter said they felt daunted. More so, half also said they felt more than prepared for the arrival of ErP on 26 September and have been reading up on it well in advance.

Peter Manning, Bristan’s technical liaison manager, said: “It is great to see such positivity and enthusiasm around ErP. After all, it constitutes one of the most important pieces of legislation that the industry has seen in a decade; helping to drive out inefficient products and create greater transparency so consumers can make more informed choices when choosing an electrical product.

“In this way, it will create a great opportunity for installers to more easily advocate the highest rated products, in turn, creating increased profit opportunity. It is therefore nothing to be concerned about but rather welcomed.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/kaarsten