PipeSnug founders Chris Burdett and Alex Lever braved the Den to face Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden, Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett in a bid to secure investment for their products and an expansion of their business.

“We wanted to go on Dragons’ Den to help secure investment to develop new versions of the product to satisfy the increased demand in the coming months and years as PipeSnugs become the norm on-site,” explained Lever.

Following a nerve-wracking pitch and negotiation, including intense questioning from all of the entrepreneurs, Chris and Alex secured a joint investment from Dragons’ Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones, who immediately saw the opportunity PipeSnug and FlueSnug presented and made an offer to invest.

Punching the air with the success of the negotiation, Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones are the show’s stalwarts, and the long-standing Dragons wanted to get involved in the PipeSnug story.

“We prepared our pitch carefully and rehearsed a lot, but nothing can prepare you for the experience of Dragons’ Den!” said Burdett. “We are delighted Deborah and Peter saw the opportunity and chose to work with us.”   

The story of PipeSnug caught the attention of the Dragons. The products are an evolution of an idea that Burdett, a professionally-qualified bricklayer and builder, had to help solve a problem that he encountered on every job he ran with his construction business – sealing holes around pipes quickly, efficiently, and effectively.  

“We made sure our pitch told the story and outlined the opportunity it presents to an investor, especially one who could bring real value and experience to our business. Pitching to the Dragons and then having such a (mostly!) positive response was amazing,” said Lever.

You can watch the full episode on BBC iPlayer here.