Pimlico Plumbers has armed its team of engineers with a new tool to boost productivity and streamline its operations.

The central London-based company’s IT Department has prepared more than 280 individual Apple iPads with specialist invoicing software and trained Pimlico’s trade team in its use.

To maximise efficiency, the company has developed a new online invoicing platform, which can be accessed through the tablet computers, so engineers can produce and digitally send invoices to customers before they leave the job.

Removing the need for the printing of paper bills, the process also speeds up the communication process between the business and its customers.

This £100,000 investment in technology and productivity is the latest development by Pimlico to meet the demand for its services.

Charlie Mullins, Chief Executive of Pimlico Plumbers, said: “Pimlico is more than just plumbers, which means we are adding new customers to the business every day by offering an increased range of services. As a result, we have to be as responsive and efficient as possible so we can make it to our customers’ homes and businesses as quickly as possible.

“This investment in technology, although relatively small compared to upgrading our headquarters in Lambeth or bringing in new VW Transporter Vans, is about what they call in sport, marginal gains. By shaving any time off the process of operating our business we can reach more customers and get the job done more productively.”