A new range of underfloor heating (UFH) controls has been launched by Continal Underfloor Heating.

The Quantum range is the next generation of UFH controls, and is compatible with the Amazon Echo Alexa system straight out of the box. Designed to be easy to set up and intuitive to use, the entire range comes with a five-year guarantee.

The Quantum family comprises a stylish digital thermostat and simple-to-use rotary dial thermostat, both available in wired and wireless versions, as well as a Quantum hub that allows all the Quantum products to be linked to the Smart Home app and the property’s internet connection. There is also a Quantum actuator with a low energy consumption of just 2W, and a wiring centre that provides easy push-fit connection for all connected devices.

When a thermostat is installed in each room or separate area in a property, the user can set different temperatures in each space, helping to maximise both efficiency and comfort by accurately controlling the flow of water and heat to each zone. 

The Quantum digital thermostat comes packed full of app-controlled features, and is designed to be easy to set up and control. The thermostat is self-learning, which means it will monitor the homeowner’s habits and adjust the heating automatically to ensure optimum efficiency and maximum comfort. It can also be operated remotely via a smart device such as a smartphone or the Amazon Echo.

Weighing just 250g, the thermostat measures 86 x 86 x 27mm, making it slim and stylish to match any room style, while the intuitive display and large, backlit 3.25” screen makes it easy to adjust the programming to suit your lifestyle. The thermostat comes in both wired and wireless versions, so it can be installed without the need to channel wires or disrupt a property’s existing décor. The RF wireless version’s battery can be easily recharged via the micro USB port. For landlords and social housing properties, a security PIN option also helps prevent tampering or damage.

If your customers prefer a more classic look, the Quantum dial thermostat has a rotary dial interface with a clear LED status indicator. Offering the same stylish design and temperature accuracy as the digital version, the dial thermostat is easy to install and also comes with frost protection and silent switching. Wired and wireless versions are available to suit any property.

The Quantum wiring centre is the very heart of the Quantum range. Each wiring centre provides simple push-fit connection for all the connected devices in the system, including actuators, up to eight thermostats, the pump heat source, and the Quantum hub. It comes with built-in overload protection for added safety, with LED status indication and volt-free pump and boiler switching. For larger systems where additional devices are required, a Quantum Wiring Extension can be purchased that allows up to four more thermostats to be attached using simple, push-in connectors.

The Quantum actuator is installed on the manifold for each separate heating zone, enabling efficient and reliable isolation for any part of the UFH system. The open/closed indicator on the actuator makes it easy for the installer to identify whether a zone is open or closed, while the low 2W power consumption helps reduce energy consumption.

Chris Ingram, Continal’s founder, said: “We wanted a more stylish, easier to use, and simpler to install controls system, but none were available so we worked with our partners to come up with Quantum – the next-gen of UFH controls. It’s all intuitive, the connections are easy, and even the electrician will sing its praises.”