A new infographic by the van leasing company LeaseVan has created a white van infographic.

After researching government statistics, as well as research from top insurance companies, LeaseVan has created an infographic designed to quash the negative stereotypes surrounding the white van, and bring to the surface statistics, which shine a new light onto the subject.

Within the infographic shows facts about the white van man, for example: Vans account for 44.9% of traffic in the UK, the number of vans on UK roads has passed 4 million for the first time and just under 15% of insurance claims are white van related.

Tim Alcock, Head of Online at LeaseVan, said: “I think people forget about all the good these white van drivers do across the UK and have their opinions clouded with a few bad experiences they’ve had with a minority of inconsiderate road users.”

To view the whole inforgraphic visit the LeaseVan site at: www.leasevan.co.uk