HB42 Ultimate ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive now comes in a new improved formula which includes Anti-Mould as standard.

HB42’s “one-tube-does-all” product, Ultimate ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive, is based on advanced hybrid polymer technology, making this trade strength sealant and adhesive an outstanding performer across a wide range of industrial applications, the company says, including adhesion to glass, wood, stainless steel, aluminium, porcelain, UPVC, coated metal, and polystyrene.

Solvent-free and available in a range of colours, HB42 Ultimate ’All-in-One’ Sealant & Adhesive can be used inside and outdoors, in the wet or dry. Odourless, food safe, and recognised for its very low emissions, HB42 is one of the safest all-in-one sealants on the market, according to the company. The added Anti-Mould formula is important to minimise callbacks for the trade working in bathrooms, wetrooms, or other areas where moisture may be present.

The product is also available in sustainable Eco-Foils, which reduce landfill waste by 95% when compared to traditional plastic cartridges.