LCL Awards and Develop Training (DTL) have collaborated in developing a Managed Learning Programme (MLP) specifically for the emergency services; a key part of DTL's new Level 3 apprenticeship.

As you'd expect, gas operatives called to deal with gas emergencies, such as gas escapes and reports of fumes, must be very proficient in a particular skills set, the training requirements of which have not been met by any awarding body until now, according to the two companies.

Recent changes to training provision and access to ACS assessment and regulated qualifications highlighted the need for this sector specific learning programme and gave the project impetus. The MLP was approved by IGEM in November and the first cohort of apprentices are due to finish training with DTL in December 2020, with MLP assessments this summer. 

LCL's Awards' Director of Operations, Steve Mulvany, who worked with DTL in extending the scope of their MLP, said: "We're delighted to be supporting Develop and their learners in this important sector. On achieving their MLP, learners are able to undertake their ACS (Emergency Services Provider Assessment) and register with Gas Safe Register. This is a key requirement of the apprenticeship standard and forms part of the end point assessment."