Contura has relaunched one of its statement stove favourite with all-new features and new colour options.

In line with advancing technology, and evolving consumer demands, the new and improved i51 stove aims to make a statement in any home, with a whole host of new features and design options.

It features:

  • A new concave cast iron base. Better ash management and fire start up.
  • More volume in the firebox, giving more space for the fire and enhanced visual effect

Enhanced external features include:

  • Easier than ever to install. Same factory-assembled principle as for Contura i61; place the insert in the desired space and hang the decorative panels.
  • Versatile recess. Two different recess frames, one of which allows to build your own surround for more width at the base.
  • New finish. Anthracite Artstone

In addition to the standard Contura handle, the i51 boasts two brand new handle design options.These will be available by end of 2021.

As well as new wood storage options – log boxes are now available with widths of 400 or 650mm that can be placed either side of the stove, customers now have a choice of six different colours and materials. The new i51 colours include: Black (steel), white (steel or artstone), soapstone, natural (artstone), and the brand new anthracite (artstone) option.

As with all Contura stoves, the i51 benefits from a number of smart burn features:

  • High efficiency at 80%
  • Contura HR-glass that works to reduce emissions and reflects radiant heat back into the firebox, meaning cleaner flames, and glass that doesn't radiate huge heat in modern highly-insulated houses.
  • Integrated booster that revives embers to set new wood alight on re-loading.

With 80% heating efficiency compared to only 20% for traditional fireplaces, and thanks to a 3-9kW heat output, Contura stoves can heat spaces of up to 150m² with ease. Further benefits include powerful convection and clean burning systems, ensuring less wood is used, which it more economical.