BEAMA has launched a new report calling for urgent action from government to deliver on the UK's 2050 net-zero carbon emissions target. 

Net-Zero By Design outlines areas where BEAMA believes ambition is lacking and there is a need for urgent action – whether that’s regulation, policy, standards or market design and incentives.

It also includes a joint letter signed from BEAMA and 24 member organisations which have committed to meeting the 2050 net-zero target.

Some of the headline recommendations for government in the report include:

  • Complete smart meter rollout, ensuring all UK customers are offered a smart meter
  • Ambitious standards included in the new Part L as part of its review
  • Set a carbon price for heat and hot water, and a long-term trajectory for fuel subsidies
  • Replace RHI with a Capex-based incetive for low carbon heating and hot water products
  • Maintain and enhance financial incentives through reduced VAT rates for key low carbon technologies
  • Enable green financing options, including mortgages, and energy as a service models, enabling whole house retrofit
  • Engage the installer community in locally driven energy and heat planning to drive retrofit and further economies of scale in the supply chain.

Speaking at a launch event held at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London yesterday, Julian Critchlow, Director General, Energy Transformation and Clean Growth at Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, said: "The Industrial Revolution saw an unparalleled level of investment in new sectors, and it drove growth for the next hundred or so years.

"Net-zero represents a similar scale of opportunity and we look forward to the continued collaboration between government and BEAMA to drive the changes we need to see, as highlighted in the Net-Zero By Design report."

To access the full report, please click here.