Plumbing products supplier McAlpine has launched a new online programme for plumbers and installers.

MacTrade will allow installers to access technical support, videos and training; enter competitions and obtain exclusive member offers; provide direct feedback on McAlpine products; and join a community of like-minded individuals and interact via online forums.

After registering their interest at installers will be sent a welcome gift and letter. The letter will ask them to log in and complete their profile. The first 100 completed profiles will be entered into a draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher.

“MacTrade is our first programme specifically for installers and their involvement is really important to us,” said Ross McAlpine, head of MacTrade. “Installers will be able to access a range of information and support to benefit them, and tell us directly how the programme and our products should evolve.”

McAlpine started manufacturing plumbing products in 1902 and in 1957 was the first UK company to manufacture Plastic Traps. McAlpine, still a privately owned family company, continues to manufacture in the UK an exceptionally wide range of plumbing products of the highest quality including water traps, waste pipe and fittings and WC connectors.