This new update to its existing range enables both contractors and competent in-house personnel to quickly and safely verify the electrical safety of all types of appliances.

Designed to perform safety checks in accordance with the IET Code of Practice, the lightweight HPAT Series of handheld testers are designed for ease of use with one button automatic testing and portability. The compact design with bright backlit display, provides a solution for testing in all locations, particularly under a desk or behind a monitor, where lighting may be restricted.

Easy to use, the HPAT400 from Martindale Electric is an affordable, battery-powered PAT tester. Suitable for Class I and Class II appliances, the basic tester incorporates large PASS/FAIL indicators and simple connection instructions on the tester. As well as performing a 500V insulation test, the latest feature now included with the HPAT400 is the ability for users to swap between different test voltages of 250V and 500V. This is especially helpful when testing appliances with surge protected circuits, such as sensitive IT equipment at 250V.

For applications which require combining simple PASS/FAIL with actual test values, the HPAT500 now features a low insulation test voltage, making it suitable for testing surge protected devices. For added convenience, the HPAT500 is mains rechargeable for reduced running costs and can be operated from the mains via the supplied charger to ensure no down time.

Also available in the range is the HPAT600 which includes both automatic one button testing like the HPAT400 and HPAT500, plus single test selection for diagnostics.  The HPAT600 features a run test for checking the integrity of the fuse and that the appliance is switched on prior to testing.  The pass levels can be easily adjusted for testing appliances with long power cords or long extension leads. In addition, it has memory for storing test results of up to 200 appliances for on-screen recall at a later time.

The latest range of PAT testers from Martindale Electric feature a new colour-coded user interface with clear connection instructions on the tester or on screen, making operation simple, every time. All three models come supplied in a practical ‘Test & Go’ carry case, with space for accessories, meaning valuable time is saved as there is no need to unpack and repack the testers when taking measurements.