Mark Vitow has launched MV250 PLUS, a WRAS-approved, multi-purpose jointing compound produced in the UK by MV Manufacturing.

MV Manufacturing is a new division of Mark Vitow, focused on sourcing and manufacturing products in the UK. These include Black Swan PVC cement, the FlushDaddy range of cisterns and cistern components, the Korona toilet seat range, and the FlowPro Macerator range.

The company says that key features of MV250 PLUS include:

  • Original 'No-Brush' tubs
  • Soft setting
  • Allows immediate pressurisation
  • WRAS-approved material
  • For use with gas, water, and oil
  • Water-resistant
  • Low odour
  • Non-petroleum based.

James Cranham, Commercial Director at Mark Vitow, said: “We at Mark Vitow are incredibly proud of what we have achieved in recent years. Not only have we become a prominent go-to distributor to the independent market of high profile UK brands, we have also stuck to our principles of innovation – sourcing and manufacturing high quality products under the MV brands.

"The creation of the MV Manufacturing Division is a key element to growing the already established MV brands and developing new product ranges – with specific focus on manufacturing in the UK wherever possible. We are looking forward to launching more products sourced in the UK in the near future.”