The new MV AquaLinear Wetroom Kit from Mark Vitow is a smart design for wetroom floors, which features one of the lowest installation heights on the market.

Highly suitable for renovations and new buildings, Mark Vitow says, it is simple to install, comes with a 25-year waterproofing warranty, and is easy to maintain. It can be installed on wooden and concrete floor, with tiles, marble, stone, vinyl and resin finishes.

The MV Aqua Linear Wetroom Kit is suitable for both timber and screed floors to create the fall required to the built-in linear drain system. Should you have the requirement for a vinyl floor, then you can just purchase the drain on its own with a slim line drain cover. The drain is made with ABS and has a removable siphon to make it easy to clean, with minimal time and effort.

The kit includes a sloping board that is only 20mm thick that tapers down to the linear drain. This slope is calculated to extract 26.4l/min of water through the easy clean drain and trap, while having an overall installation height of only 54mm - one of the lowest heights in the market.

There is also a choice of grate covers. You can choose from the reversible tile/stainless steel cover, black or the slim line vinyl cover to add that extra touch of design to your bathroom. The system comes with a 25-year water seal guarantee to ensure lifetime assurances for the sound investment that is made for a secure wetroom.