Clever storage is the solution to compact bathroom design and, for installers looking to offer expert advice to customers, it’s important to stay on top of the latest and best-designed products on the market. Steve Kaye, Marketing Director at HiB, explains.

England has the smallest homes by floor area in the EU, which has led to raised consumer demand for additional storage. An increasing number of people are even turning to rented warehouse units to cope with the space pressures in their households.

The reasons for this are not only based in creating a pleasant environment for the homeowner, but in presenting a saleable property too. According to a recent survey conducted by home furnishing retailer ScS, 41% of us consider clutter and “an obvious lack of storage” as the biggest turn off when viewing a potential property.

However, before opting for commercial storage options, the householder is likely to consult their installer on what they can do to make the most of the space available in their own home.

This is particularly relevant in the bathroom, where toiletries, make-up, cleaning products, and even bath toys can take up every inch of surface space, detracting from what should be a soothing atmosphere. In fact, according to the latest AMA Bathrooms Market Report, the bathroom furniture sector is seeing growing demand for ‘invisible’ storage solutions as consumers place greater emphasis on creating a debris-free sanctuary in the home.

With this in mind, it’s important for installers to stay abreast of the best storage options available in order to present customers with a solution which is right for them.

Recessed cabinets

In terms of ‘invisible’ storage, inset cabinets are a great recommendation. In a room with limited space, projection can be a key consideration, along with how much available floor space there is for the homeowner to manoeuvre around. Fortunately, many of the latest bathroom furniture products are being designed with this in mind.

A mirrored cabinet which is recessed into the wall offers a multifunctional solution that allows for clutter to be kept hidden away, while providing more space with its flush façade.

Statement storage

Not every homeowner will want the ‘invisible’ look, and some will even be interested in choosing bathroom furniture which not only provides storage but makes a statement too.

One of the biggest trends we are seeing this year is ‘modern classic’, which marries traditional elegance with modern luxury. For example, the classic shaker style is expanding beyond kitchen design and entering the bathroom space, proving highly popular with homeowners seeking a timeless interior.

By recommending a matching set of bathroom furniture, cabinets and lighting in an eye-catching, on-trend design, installers can provide customers with a sense of style, without losing the emphasis on providing ample storage.

Floating storage

When adding storage to the bathroom, its important to strike the right balance in order to avoid making the space feel crowded. In terms of achieving this, maximising floorspace can make a big difference.

This is where wall hung units come in. Combined with a wash basin, these can offer a complete solution that keeps everyday items out of sight, while giving the illusion of space by creating the appearance of floating above the floor. Basins can be designed to be deeper, which minimises splashing, and also doesn’t detract from the style of the unit.

For installers, whether it’s a brand new bathroom or a refurbishment, storage should be a serious consideration. The above options provide a brief overview of the many smart solutions on the market, and installers can even look to manufacturers like HiB for ranges specially designed for compact spaces, such as our HiB Novum Arc.

By staying on top of emerging trends and the latest products, installers can provide customers with plenty of additional space, without compromising on aesthetics.