There are a number of ways installers can increase profits in what is traditionally a quiet period, says Peter Northwood, director of Connected Homes at HomeServe’s free Smart Installer Club.

The summer months have always been less profitable for heating installers. While many have come to accept this, new products and technology could be about to change the way these professionals work. Allowing seasonality to direct your business is no longer necessary and there are ways to ensure a busy summer.

  1. Smart thermostats – summer is the perfect time to sell smart thermostats. They are quick and easy to install, and a simple way to make extra money. Whether it’s summer or winter, people are always looking to make savings on their heating bills, and smart controls provide the visibility homeowners are looking for. is currently offering a saving of £248 to installers that order the tado welcome pack.
    Lewis Howard, director of C&J Heating and Plumbing, said: “Installing smart thermostats is pretty straightforward, in fact not that different to fitting other controls. I have also found that just by offering this additional advice, I convert more boiler installations even if I don’t sell a smart thermostat every time. I am making about £50 extra per job, and am looking forward to focusing on increasing sales over the summer months.”

  2. Boiler installation marketing – offering discounts on boiler installations during summer months can get people planning ahead. It is worth pointing out to them that installing a new more energy efficient boiler could potentially save £300 a year in running costs so there are extra savings to be made. Remind customers that installing a new heating system in the summer is far less disruptive than in the cold winter months when you will not appreciate the warm home being interrupted to fix a problem or install a new system.

  3. Boiler servicing – keep customer records up to date, and contact those that are due for an annual service this summer. Also, encourage customers to book their service in for the summer so they do not come unstuck as the winter sets in. Try and fit in as many services as possible in the summer so the winter is kept clear for the surge in emergency callouts.

  4. Home efficiency checks – offer to undertake some checks to help people retain the heat in their home and save money once the cold weather sets in. Encourage customers to make use of the summer to prepare for the autumn by checking the efficiency of radiators, or the quality of insulation.

  5. Barbecue servicing – if not maintained correctly barbecues can be extremely dangerous, and in some cases lethal. Encourage customers to have an annual service on a gas barbecue to ensure it’s running safely and effectively.

Homeowners may have long forgotten about their heating, having turned it off for the summer months. That’s where installers should step in: show them the benefits they could receive by getting their heating systems in order over the summer. Installers are more available, disruption is minimal and savings can be made. It’s a win-win for consumers and installers alike. The opportunities are there for the taking – it’s down to you to grab them before the winter chaos sets in.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/ Acambium64.