Logic4training has launched a free new guide aimed at helping installers future-proof their businesses with renewables work.

The training provider says The Ultimate Guide to Future Proof Installers contains everything installers need to know about the future of clean energy, including:

  • Government support and initiatives

  • Technological developments, from smart appliances to the potential of a hydrogen-based heat network

  • The latest studies and statistics

  • The future and development of renewable energy sources, for both heating and electrical installers

  • Opportunities within the growing Electric Vehicle sector

  • Training courses to help installers ‘future-proof’ their skills.

Mark Krull, Director at Logic4training, said: “Future-proof Installer is the latest free guide by Logic4training, and something we are extremely excited to be offering to building services installers. Fossil fuels are not a long-term option and we must all be working towards a more sustainable future. Installers are in a great position to be at the forefront of this exciting period of change.

“Keeping up with the latest developments is key, so with Future-proof Installer, we’ve done the hard work for you – everything you need to know about the future of green energy, in one free resource. With this information to hand, installers can ensure they have the knowledge and skills to thrive in this ever-growing and evolving marketplace.”

The guide can be downloaded for free here.